The salon

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Eros Giuliani’s team are ready in the centre of Cannes’ golden triangle, close to the luxury hotels, to offer you a warm welcome in our new “Hair Spa” area, which has been entirely refurbished in artistic partnership with the famous and charming fashion designer Christophe Guillarmé.

Christophe Guillarmé is a rising star among fashion’s young generation of designers. His creativity, forever reinventing itself, draws its inspiration from travel, with a remarkable capacity for transforming colours and materials into a “glamour chic” aesthetic.
Since their first joint event together, Eros Giuliani regularly styles the hair of the models wearing Christophe Guillarmé, in particular as part of the designer’s « wardrobe » at the Cannes International Film Festival.

A visionary artist working in several disciplines, Christophe Guillarmé is also an avid lover of architecture and art deco.

Representing a fusion of their interests across a range of “tableaux” to create an innovative design world, more “lifestyle” than interior design, has been the central theme behind their collaborative work, notable for its careful deliberation.

It is Christophe Guillarmé’s exceptional contribution that has allowed the Eros Giuliani brand to develop its new “Hair Spa” concept, a pioneering idea that seeks a kind of practical wellbeing to bear witness to the joyful art of living à la française.

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